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End-users of your enterprise-grade application don’t need to know—don’t want to know—what’s going on behind the UI. How privacy is secured, where data comes from, what powers AI; all that matters is that it is safe, reliable, and smart—and it must be as attractive, quick, and useful as the most beautiful, speedy, and helpful app available in the marketplace.

Developers, as stakeholders, are invested in achieving the same goals and meeting the same targets set out by the business. Development, however, is all about process, and part of that process is the constant friction between “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and “let’s see if we make it easier, faster, and more efficient.”

This paper discusses how Outsystems provides seamless integration with the full range and scope of business process management tools, data sources, and core business systems. Not only does OutSystems speed up the entire development and deployment process with its built-in tools, but it can easily be supplemented by integrating the same third-party tools your enterprise has relied on for years.