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Address Non-Functional Requirements

Enterprise architects are tasked with addressing various non-functional requirements (NFRs), including security, scalability, and availability. To address these requirements, low-code development platforms offer an incredible boost to agile application development. With a low-code platform, enterprise architects can accelerate innovation in their strategy and deliver complex applications quickly.

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  • Create secure applications using efficient and organized methods
  • Ensure your technology choices meet your organization's NFRs

Create Highly Productive Teams

Low-code development platforms create highly productive teams that can quickly develop high-value applications and digital products. Low code provides an intuitive visual development environment that lets businesses, and IT collaborate on projects in a streamlined manner. This allows teams to quickly deliver solutions without compromising on quality.

Implement Security and Governance

Security and governance are essential when it comes to low-code development. It's important to ensure that enterprise architects have the tools and processes in place to manage risk by design and prevent malicious or unauthorized access. With the right security measures in place, low-code platforms can help create secure applications that meet the NFRs of your organization.

Choose OutSystems for Your Enterprise Architecture Needs

OutSystems is the leading low-code platform for enterprise architects. Our platform provides all the features and capabilities needed to create secure applications quickly and efficiently. OutSystems is trusted by enterprise architects worldwide, and we are committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. Learn more about how OutSystems can help you transform your enterprise architecture strategy today.