Evaluating Leading Low-Code Platforms

How to Choose the Right Low-Code Platform for Your Organization

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Not all low-code platforms address the needs of modern application development in the same way. Some are fit for purpose for enterprise business-critical development, others not so much. In the Gartner® Solution Comparison for Low-Code Application Platforms, you can find the most detailed technical capability comparison to help you choose the best low-code platform for your business needs.

In the most recent version of the report, the OutSystems platform was one of the 4 leaders out of 400 vendors evaluated. To learn more about OutSystems ratings in the evaluation, access this infographic to discover scoring highlights such as:

  • How OutSystems provides out-of-the-box capabilities to automate release management
  • Why OutSytems surpasses competitors in support for professional developers
  • How workflow automation helps OutSystems customers with high-volume transactions