Digital CX eBook: Overcoming the Barriers to a Customer-First Culture

A modern high-speed application development platform can transform the customer experience by enabling a true collaboration between CX professionals and the IT department.

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Building a ‘customer first’ culture is the #1 challenge of CX professionals; but the barriers to implementing this are considerable. With customer interactions now overwhelmingly online, CX professionals must work closely with the IT department to create and refine the digital experiences they present to their customers.

But, a willingness to collaborate is not enough: CX and IT must break decisively with the past – and with traditional approaches to application development – if they are to create an environment in which a customer-first culture can flourish. This eBook will explore:

  • The key barriers to implementing a customer-first culture
  • The limations of existing approaches to creating digital experiences
  • The importance of CX/IT collaboration in the post COVID world
  • The unique value of a modern, high-speed application development platform

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