The Speed of Change- Manufacturing

App Dev Priorities in an Era of Crisis and Recovery
Manufacturing 2020

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The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted our global economy. Production has been affected, supply chains disordered, and the financial impacts will continue to be assessed for some time.  The manufacturing sector has been especially hard hit.

Deloitte research indicates that to be a leader in this industry, manufacturers need to rethink strategies and operations to overcome the disruption and become more resilient.  A key step forward is to develop a holistic digital strategy.  Now is the time to make bold decisions regarding digitization, so as not to get left behind.

OutSystems research on the state of application development bears this out. Earlier this year, just as the pandemic was taking hold, we surveyed 2,200 IT professionals asking them how fast their organizations can respond to change, what app dev challenges are holding them back, and what makes them more (or less) ready for change. We’ve analyzed the responses we received from manufacturers and share our findings in The Speed of Change:  App Dev Priorities in an Era of Crisis and Recovery, Manufacturing 2020 which features additional insights from Deloitte.

Download the report to understand how manufacturers have shifted their digital priorities and are responding to the continuous high demand for applications, while grappling with difficulty finding new development talent. You’ll discover that manufacturers that are delivering applications fast are the ones poised for success and you’ll learn the approaches and technologies manufacturers should adopt to become leaders in the race for speed and adaptability.