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How do you build a team for your OutSystems project? Find out in our talent playbooks.

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Full of valuable insights, these playbooks guide you through the entire process of searching for and hiring superheroes for your OutSystems projects. Learn what to look for when assembling a development team.

Discover how to conduct a talent search internally or externally. See how you can ramp up your team once it’s built and ensure its long-term success. These insights and guidance are a result of years of experience helping clients write their OutSystems success stories. So, what will your success story be like? Let’s get started and find out.

Building a development team for your first OutSystems project starts with a firm foundation.
The Talent Playbook, Part 1, focuses on that foundation, showing you how to design your talent strategy from day 1, setting the stage for success.

Now that you’ve successfully completed projects with your foundation team, you’re ready for bigger and better things.
The Talent Playbook, Part 2, equips you with the information you need to advance and scale up your team in your OutSystems low-code digital factory. 

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