Handling Technical Debt with OutSystems

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OutSystems applications rely only on standard architectures and frameworks and require no proprietary components, runtime engines, or interpreters. For these reasons technical debt is effectively limited before development even begins.

When developers write new code, or make changes to existing code, the OutSystems TrueChange™ engine provides immediate feedback on its impact. Corrective measures are applied automatically if possible. Otherwise the source of the error is linked, along with suggestions about how to fix it. This eliminates compilation errors, since an OutSystems app cannot be published unless they function correctly.

Correct functioning, however, does not necessarily mean efficient functioning. While a short-term solution may solve the immediate problem, it may also leave a technical debt, in the form of an app that is difficult to maintain and costly to change. The OutSystems Architecture Dashboard provides a high level analysis of your app, highlighting areas for improvement, and facilitates unhindered growth.