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OutSystems Platform 2014 Winter Release

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we launched a series of updates to the OutSystems Platform. I guess that for a lot of you, this is one of those gifts you’ll be excited to use all year around.

There are so many mind-blowing improvements that we’re even a bit ashamed of naming it 8.0.1. There’s a great reason for that though: it works just as a patch release… our cloud users will start seeing their platform get updated with the new capabilities and our on-premises or hybrid customers can simply patch their installation and immediately benefit from all that is in there.

So, what can you expect from this release? (more…)

Snow White and her 10 non-functional requirements

Snow White and the 7 NFRs: The Truth About Non-Functional Requirements

Whenever I hear, ‘functional requirement,’ I think of Disney princesses. I think of Ariel and Cinderella. I think of how each is central to her story and embodies a specific identity, and then I think of the princess who stands out as a true metaphor for functional requirements – the one who reflects the role perfectly: Snow White. (more…)

Agile That Makes Sense: Stop Wasting Your Sprints

As an agile practitioner I have had the chance to participate in many different projects over the last five years. I have had a chance to see projects of beauty and those that simply did not go as desired. Recently, I was asked to support a project where the customers’ IT team was embracing agile and trying to follow a SCRUM based approach ‘by the numbers.’ It was this project that shined some light on the way we practice agile here at OutSystems and has helped me reflect on our enterprise approach and agile practices that just make sense.


A letter to Santa from an Agile Platform

Dear Santa,
I’ve been a good girl in the last few years, providing ITs all across the world the ability to have a productivity they could never imagine. I help all kinds of developers, from juniors to seniors, to implement large and robust web applications in a fraction of the time they would take if using traditional frameworks. (more…)

Developers & Processes: A topic for Programmer Day 2010

Following Rodrigo’s last post on Caixa Seguro’s Programmer Day, I would also like to share with you my session on OutSystems’ Business Process Technology. The Caixa Seguros team relies pretty heavily on Business Process Management, and they were eager to learn more about our capabilities and experience!
As such, I was pleased to show them how OutSystems’ approaches with the application of BPM technologies and implementations for their specific industry: Insurance – Policy and Claims handling.