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Ghost in the Machine Learning: Recommender Systems

When you’re browsing sites like Netflix or Amazon, you get recommendations on what to watch or buy next. This is actually a big deal, and companies offer huge prizes to make these algorithms better. One way to make these predictions is through the use of recommender systems.
mobile app dev trends

Top 3 Mobile App Dev Trends for 2017

In the last days of 2016, conversations are turning to what will be big in 2017 in the world of mobile app development, I thought I’d follow a tradition I started in 2012 and make my predictions about mobile app development for 2017. Here are my top 3.

The Myths of Low-Code: 3 for the Storybooks

Once upon a time, a guy named Thomas Bulfinch wrote a storybook about the Greek and Roman Gods. It promptly became a very big deal and is still being used in universities today to help people understand Homer, Socrates, Pythagoras and other fathers of philosophy, math and algorithms.Why am I bringing this up in an article about coding? Good question. The answer starts with a simple term: Low-code development. It’s become trendy. It’s a new favorite topic for the big-name analysts. Lots of vendors are offering it. Companies who have long backlogs and customer demands for mobility are eating it up.

Native vs Web vs Hybrid: Which Mobile Architecture is Right for Your App?

Picking the right mobile architecture for your apps can amount to a million dollar decision. And there isn’t a one-size-fits-all architecture to solve all mobile problems. Based on years of experience helping our enterprise customers deliver mobile applications, our team of mobile app experts created a cool infographic (and companion eBook) to help you select the best mobile architecture for your app.

User Experience: The New IT Imperative?

May was definitely UX month at OutSystems! During our yearly user conference, attendees from around the world participated in dozens of sessions to define and discuss the quality of Great Apps and what it takes to create them.

Usability expert Steve Krug, author of “Don’t Make me Think,” and “Rocket Surgery Made Easy,” gave a talk and workshops around the importance of user testing. Version 8 of the OutSystems Platform was unveiled, showcasing the addition of a powerful new user interface editor in the IDE that simplifies the creation of highly usable interfaces, as well as other change management and operational enhancements.


Business Analysts in Agile: Love’em or Hate’em?

I got to listen to a replay of the “CIO Power Panel” from NextStep 2012 recently, and found a gold nugget around the role of Business Analysts in an Agile development approach. (more…)

The 6 Major Mobile Trends for 2012

Mobile is one of the big trends for 2012, and with the year just starting, it’s a great time to make some predictions about what will happen in the upcoming months. So here they are, the 6 major mobile trends for 2012: (more…)

Add a bit of Xmas to your web app

We’re already deep in the holiday season, but it’s never too late to add a bit of Xmas spirit to your Web Application!

I thought about adding Xmas lights, flying reindeers, working elves… but it seems to me that for an Enterprise Web Application something a bit subtler was in order.


The 3 Mobile Architectures Distilled

I don’t know about you, but I am getting asked more and more to deliver some type of application that has a mobile front end. Of course mobile is one of the big trends nowadays, and there are good reasons for it. In a recent Forrester survey, 75% of decision makers claim that deploying mobile apps has increased their workforce productivity.

The question I seem to get asked often is, how should you implement mobile?  (more…)

Make your Mobile Web App Native with PhoneGap

Building a Mobile Web Application is the fastest way to get a mobile app in the hands of your users. You get to build an app at a fraction of the cost of building native, it works on multiple devices from day one, and you don’t need to go through the appstore publishing process (if you want to find out why Mobile Web Applications are the way to go, check this free eBook).