Paulo Rosado, OutSystems CEO, once said, “OutSystems is a unique place to work because of the smart and innovative people who have made it their home.” For the second year in a row, a Forbes report agrees - OutSystems is a top employer.

In the Forbes report of best cloud computing companies to work for in 2017, OutSystems is ranked sixth alongside industry giants Google, Microsoft and Salesforce. This report started with CRN’s coolest cloud computing companies, then looked to Glassdoor for the number of employees who would recommend the company to a friend and the percentage of employees who approve of their CEO.

Best Cloud Computing Companies to Work For in 2017

How Did We Get Named a Top Employer?

How have we managed to rank as a top employer two years in a row? The answer is simple: It’s because of what we call the five “greats”:

  1. <Great Growth: OutSystems is experiencing amazing growth - in revenue and in people. In 2016, we reached the $100 million mark in sales and 500 employees worldwide. And, we’re just getting started. We have more exciting plans for 2017.
  2. Great Giving: We have a culture that works hard and plays hard, but we also take time to give back. In 2016, we walked, ran and cycled our way to a $5000 donation to a great animal welfare organization. This year, we’re sponsoring an amazing triathlon club - now named OutSystems Olympic!
  3. Great Culture: For over 15 years, we’ve honored the same core values that we had when we were no more than five dreamers in a garage. People ask why, ask for help, and challenge the status quo. Our rules are few (we have a small book of them), but they’re mighty.
  4. Great People: Every OutSystems employee contributes to the company in ways that go beyond a simple job description. And, great leaders encourage us to grow and share our experiences by teaching and mentoring. You can learn more about some of us here.
  5. Great Customers: Our customers are outstanding. They come to us from all over the globe. They invite us into their worlds to solve real challenges, including helping those in need. Look at what Americares had done with OutSystems, for example.

Want More Details? 

You can read the full article by Forbes, “The Best Cloud Computing Companies And CEOs To Work For In 2017 Based On Glassdoor” here.  And, if you think you might just the right person to help us grow even more, check out our job openings.

Best Cloud Companies to Work For