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Ask anyone at OutSystems how is it like to work here, and they’ll tell you all about the Small Book of a Few Big Rules. They’re not many, but they describe our core rules of behavior that make this company so innovative and such a great place to work.

The Small Book of The Few Big Rules OutSystems Culture Book

At OutSystems, we've always been very proud of our culture. As we grow and hire people around the world, we wanted to preserve that culture and the values that have been guiding us ever since we were just five people and a garage.

So, we have come up with this small book. It describes the core rules of behavior we practice at OutSystems, which make this company so innovative and such a great place to work.

The Small Book of The Few Big Rules
The Culture Book - Premise: The Short Story Behind the Small Book

People often ask OutSystems Chief People Officer Carlos Alves about the Small Book of the Few Big Rules. Why do we have it? When did we write it? Is it taken seriously? In this article, he answers these questions and shares some secrets about this big little book.

The Culture Book - Part 1: The Ask Why Rule

Why is "Ask Why" the #1 rule in the Small Book of a Few Big Rules? And what is it? Digital Strategist Carlos Sousa explains in this second installment of this series about the book that rules us all at OutSystems.

The Culture Book - Part 2: The Small Crisis Rule

How can you avoid a big crisis? Look for the telltale signs early and deal with them then. In our continuing series about the Small Book of 7 Big Rules, Solution Architect Director Daniel Lourenço shares his experience with the "small crisis" rule.

The Culture Book - Part 3: The Challenge the Status Quo Rule

OutSystems was established because our founders wanted to challenge the status quo of software development. Is it any wonder, then, that it's one of our "big rules?" In this blog article, Shiri Friedman, Director of Partner Marketing, explains how she challenged the status quo and turned the OutSystems partner marketing program into a consistent, scalable, and global powerhouse.

The Culture Book – Part 4: The Be Helpful Rule

One day you're coding along, getting lots done, when suddenly, you get stuck. If you work at OutSystems, this is not a problem. Someone is always there to lend a hand. In this post, Software Engineer Lara Luis shares how the "be helpful" rule from our small book of rules makes an impact on her daily work.

The Culture Book – Part 5: The 80/20 Rule

When there's a big project coming up, you have to break it down. Solange Ferreira explains what it means to work 80/20 in the latest episode in our series on the Few Big Rules.

The Culture Book – Part 6: The Communicate to Be Understood Rule

Communication is much more than being able to say things well. In this blog post, Robert Neri, OutSystems Director of Success Assurance, shares the meaning of the sixth rule in the Small Book of a Few Big Rules and his tips for how to communicate to be understood.

The Culture Book - Part 7: The Excel Rule

What does it mean to excel at OutSystems? In this blog post about the seventh big rule in our small culture book, Senior Account Executive Jeff Piszczek shares his definition and how it applies to sales.