Asseco PST

Financial Services Technology Consultancy Asseco PST Addresses Sales and Project Management Challenges With OutSystems

Asseco PST’s sales and project management systems were outdated and couldn’t keep up. Using OutSystems, they solved their systems issues with two new apps that have empowered their sales and management teams to get on top of their work-flow and increase business growth.


Developed new internal sales and project management apps

5 developers took 20 weeks and 15 weeks to deliver

50–70 users at all organization levels

"By partnering with Do iT Lean and leveraging the OutSystems platform, we were able to address these challenges in weeks vs. months or years. What makes this development process really interesting is the ability to model processes in a simple way and, at the same time, see the result almost immediately. Looking back, this was a winning bet and today when we think of improving more internal processes, we think OutSystems."Miguel Lúcio, Chief Financial Officer 

Time to Move on From Waterfall Development

Challenge - Asseco PST is a technology company that specializes in solutions for financial services. It employs over 400 people with a turnover of €33.4 million and a customer portfolio of more than 60 banks in Portuguese-speaking countries. Asseco PST was using a traditional waterfall development framework but felt the need to increase their business speed and accelerate deployment of its internal business processes to a portal platform.

As their business grew, sales and project management control processes became a challenge within the existing systems. The company needed an integrated end-to-end process to manage their sales lifecycle, from lead registration to opportunity completion, and a streamlined lead-to-customer capture capability that seamlessly fed the downstream project management and billing systems.

Two New Apps Built With OutSystems

Solution - Working with OutSystems partner Do iT Lean and leveraging the low-code platform, Asseco PST was able to address these challenges through two apps: the Sales Management System (SMS), which automates end-to-end sales processes from lead identification to closing the deal, and the Project Management System (PMS), which supports the full project management process from project adjudication to final delivery to the customer. And they did it in weeks instead of months or years; it took five developers 20 weeks to build the SMS and 15 weeks to deliver the PMS.

Channel Partner

Do iT Lean is a boutique services company focused on delivering mobile and web applications that give an immediate impact to your business. Do iT Lean operates in Europe, North America, Australia and Hong Kong .

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Speedy Processes and Manageable Moving Parts

Results - Fifty to seventy users are now utilizing these new apps and bringing Asseco PST’s processes up to speed. The sales team can plan and control their interactions with customers, and management can analyze real-time information about the pipeline and leads won. Projects with lots of moving parts are easy for managers to keep track of, meaning they can focus on financials. And with a centralized information repository, data is more accessible than ever before, plus integration is a breeze.

OutSystems helped Asseco PST understand that agile adoption could be applied to other business development lines. Now, when they think about addressing a problem or a business process challenge, they start to think how it fits in the OutSystems development pipeline.