Fidelidade Seguros

OutSystems Becomes a Strategic Platform for Leading Insurance Company’s Digital Transformation

Discover how Grupo Fidelidade is using OutSystems as a strategic platform to develop great apps on all channels—and the clear impact on sales efficiency and increased up-sell and cross-sell.

New My Fidelidade mobile app with 50,000 users

New Independent Agent Portal with 5,000 users

Increased up-sell, cross-sell, and efficiency in sales and operations

"The OutSystems platform supports a very important part of our business capabilities, both in the digital ecosystem and in business support applications. It has been able to evolve to help us respond to the company's strategy and the challenges of innovation. It’s our main strategic platform."Maria Teresa Rosas, IT Director

OutSystems Is the Engine for Fidelidade’s Enterprise Digital Transformation

Challenge - Fidelidade is the leading insurance company in Portugal with a market share of 30.7 percent. The company benefits from its large network in Portugal, plus its presence in several other countries, namely Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Spain, France, and Macau. When Fidelidade began their digital transformation, they started utilizing OutSystems as a strategic tool for constant innovation guided by a customer-centric approach to business. Currently, Fidelidade’s team includes nearly 60 developers with over 40 projects being executed or in the pipeline. Namely, Fidelidade is using OutSystems to support its web channels and mobile apps as part of a strategy to deliver a great user experience across all channels.

Apps for Customers and Apps for Agents

Solution - One crucial project was the My Fidelidade mobile app that allows customers to manage their insurance portfolio online. Now, with over 50,000 users, it is having an impact on customer satisfaction, relationships, and segmentation, all while increasing customer touchpoints. Another important project was an independent agent portal, which now has about 5,000 users. The agent portal provides a 360-degree view of the customer and increases operational efficiency and profit margins. It delivers information and actions relevant for agents to improve their service, such as a customer’s real value for Fidelidade. It also gives an integrated view of all customers and is aligned with all channels. Each feature was built to optimize meaningful actions for each customer.

Costs Saved and Revenue Gained

Results - Beyond increased customer satisfaction and engagement, the My Fidelidade app is expected to deliver considerable savings and extra revenue through increased upsell. The new independent portal is expected to increase sales efficiency, cross-sell, and up-sell in 7.5 percent of customers, delivering €1.8 million in additional revenue.