OutSystems Powers Digital Transformation at Largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Brazilian Footwear

With 20,000 employees in 11 factories, Grendene needed a variety of technical solutions at a scale that would test the versatility of any digital transformation platform. Using OutSystems, they built the solutions they needed in half the estimated times and saved upwards of $50,000 in the process.


Faster careers website built in 4 months

Improved management system built in 6 months

Saved an estimated $50,000

"OutSystems provides us with tools that improve our ability to meet the business user needs in IT projects that are essential to the company. We are solving old problems with real business gain and proven ROI, helping the business and reaching our IT management goals."Paulo Rossi, Systems Analyst at Grendene

Brazil’s Largest Footwear Exporter Demands Strong Systems

Challenge - Grendene is the leading exporter of Brazilian footwear, employing over 20,000 people in 11 factories that manufacture for over 50 brands. Their totally integrated operation competes with a global market, so to achieve success, they focus on cost control, technical innovation, marketing, and design. At such a large scale, solid management and processing systems are a must; this includes a careers website managed by HR, an integrated management system for chromatographic analysis, and a cost management app for marketing.

One Platform, Multiple Solutions

Solution - OutSystems provided a solution for Grendene to tackle all their systems and web requirements with one platform—and to do it quickly, too. HR is now in command of a dynamic, well-designed careers website, and two developers were able to build an integrated management system for chromatographic analysis with a wealth of features in only 6 months (down from an estimated 12). Grendene built a web app for marketing campaign cost management as well. That took one developer only 11 months, and it’s improved efficiency across four departments.

Success on All Fronts

Results - Across the company, OutSystems helped deliver serious results. The development of the new careers website was not only fast (built in four months), it also saved the company an estimated $50,000 and enabled the HR team to develop and update the site without going through IT. As for the management system for chromatographic analysis, it’s functionality not only meets the requirements of data centralization, monitoring, and control, but it is also a business asset that can deliver a variety of reports for customers. Finally, the marketing campaigns web app was another success, centralizing investment information and improving the market effectiveness of Grendene’s multi-million dollar marketing budget.

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