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Cloud Innovation

Learn how OutSystems and AWS are changing the way digital transformation is done—delivering scale, resilience, and security without sacrificing flexibility.

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Cloud Innovation at the Speed of Change:
Facing Technical Debt Head On

In this dynamic keynote, our CEO, Paulo Rosado explains how OutSystems gives every company the power to innovate through software. OutSystems CTO, Patrick Jean, joined by Miguel Alava, Managing Director at AWS, discuss the business need for building apps in the cloud and how the OutSystems partnership with AWS helps our customers achieve that. And finally, hear OutSystems customer, STEMCELL, talk about the importance of a strong relationship between IT Leadership and developers for a session called “Ask Your Developer.”

Paulo Rosado
CEO at OutSystems

Patrick Jean
CTO at OutSystems

Miguel Alava
Managing Director at AWS

For IT Leaders

Succeeding at Digital Transformation: A Platform Approach to Overcome the Trap of Siloed Business and IT Initiatives

Watch to learn how a platform approach can eliminate silos and accelerate transformation.

Barry Goffe
Senior Director, Platform Strategy at OutSystems

Omnichannel Customer Journeys: The Speed of Flexibility of a Cloud-Based Application Platform

Watch to learn how a modern application platform deliver effortless omnichannel onboarding experiences that attract and convert customers.

Mariana Henriques
Senior Manager, Solution Strategy at OutSystems

João Grazina
Senior Manager, Technical Solution Strategy at OutSystems

Enable Strategic Innovation: How to Unlock the Power of your Existing IT Systems

See how a modern application platform can help you extend and unlock the potential of your existing systems to deliver innovation faster than you ever thought possible, all on the cloud.

Mafalda Póvoas
Senior Solution Strategist at OutSystems

Tony Ollivier
Senior Manager Solution Strategist at OutSystems

For Developers

Building a Mobile App With OutSystems

See firsthand how you can build the powerful applications you want using visual tools and AI, without being limited by technology or losing control of your code.

Rui Barbosa
Principal Developer Advocate at OutSystems

Chatbots & Progressive Web Apps = A Winning Combination

See how you can build a customer service chatbot integrated into a progressive web app leveraging Amazon Lex.

Riva Uy
Manager, Solution Architecture at OutSystems

How Lendr Overcame Development Bottlenecks with OutSystems

Join Nick Mates from Lendr who will show how OutSystems has enabled his team to modernize financial solutions for small businesses.

Sidney Lai
Lead Developer Advocate at OutSystems

Nick Mates
Project Coordinator | Tech Lead at Lendr

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