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    Grande Entrevista: Paulo Rosado

    OutSystems CEO, Paulo Rosado, speaks with Portuguese broadcaster RTP.

    24 March 2021

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    High-speed application engineering starts with ‘products’

    Software application developers are working hard to adapt to a changing landscape.

    25 January 2021

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  • Forbes
    How Business Leaders Can Prepare For Enterprise Application Development Changes In 2021

    OutSystems CEO, Paulo Rosado, on what digital transformation will look like in 2021.

    10 February 2021

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    How Much Technical Debt Does Your Business Have?

    Paulo Rosado discusses the cost of technical debt facing businesses across industries and geographies.

    19 July 2021

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    How Outsystems Platform Benefits Mobile App Development

    Discusses the benefits of using the OutSystems platform for mobile app development.

    06 January 2022

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    How Technical Debt Piles Up

    With engineer turnover and a growing number of languages and frameworks, organizations can end up with a soaring IT backlog.

    16 June 2021

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    How to Become an AI Driven Organization + Using Prebuilt AI Tools to Get Started | OutSystems

    OutSystems discusses what it takes to go from zero to deploying AI solutions.

    06 May 2021

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    Increase developer productivity in 2022

    CTO Patrick Jean shares how to increase developer productivity in 2022, and why OutSystems technology that allows their development teams to focus on innovation is key to success.

    10 January 2022

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    IT spending in Middle East and North Africa to grow by 2.6% in 2022: Gartner

    Spending growth will be moderate compared to 2021, but will exceed pre-pandemic level

    24 November 2021

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