OutSystems Platform
Public Cloud

To be in the cloud or not to be in the cloud. That is not the question. Why should you have to choose one or the other? Technology should provide more options to your business, not more restrictions.

That is why OutSystems Platform Public Cloud (aPaaS) is an open and complete platform that can be used on its own. There may be a time, however, to run your application on-premises or as a hybrid. The good news is OutSystems Platform provides the same functionality for all of those platforms.

Because OutSystems Platform Public Cloud (aPaaS) is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), you are assured of a trusted environment that will grow with you and your organization’s needs.  

So go right ahead and run your business your way. Let OutSystems provide you with maximum speed to productivity and innovation with an environment that delivers scale, security, performance, high availability and the ultimate in flexibility.

OutSystems Platform Public Cloud Benefits

High Productivity & High Control

Leverage the ease of use and speed of a high productivity visual model combined with the flexibility and control of adding your own code into a single set, with complete synchronization.

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Scale any load with the unique ability to provide productivity for both simple and mission critical enterprise apps.

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Integrated Lifecycle Management

Manage app lifecycle management holistically with intelligent dependency validation across the full stack (UI, business logic, native code and data sources).

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Systems Integration

Integration is a breeze. OutSystems Platform Public Cloud makes it extremely easy to integrate any external enterprise system, database or custom app, whether they live on a third-party cloud or on your own premises.

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Self Provisioning

Utilize infrastructure provisioning. Your OutSystems Platform Public Cloud subscription includes all the infrastructure provisioning services, at no extra charge. However, charges may be incurred when additional hardware is required.

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Get the security you need. OutSystems Platform Public Cloud automatically embeds security controls on the generated code.  

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