Portuguese government to co-finance collaborative research project GOLEM led by OutSystems.

Lisbon -  02 April 2020

OutSystems will be working with Carnegie Mellon University, the NOVA LINCS lab at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and INESC-ID to find new ways to automate programming and revolutionize the app development experience. GOLEM is one of a few select large-scale collaborative research projects to run under the CMU Portugal cooperation program.

Project Nr. LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-045917
Project designation |  GOLEM - Automated Programming to Revolutionize App Development
Program | Technological Research and Development Incentive System
Main aim | OT1 - Reinforce research, technological development and innovation
Intervention region | NUTS II Lisboa
Beneficiary entities |
OutSystems - Software em Rede, S.A. (leader)
INESC ID - Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Lisboa
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Approval date | 16-01-2020
Start date | 01-04-2020
End date | 01-04-2023
Total eligible cost | 1.160.447,76 EUR
European Union financial support | 482.326,76 EUR (FEDER)
Portuguese financial support | 456.508,29 EUR
Project Overview |

The goal of GOLEM is to find a sustainable solution for the increasing need for complex enterprise digital systems and the lack of people with enough technical skills for creating them. Since, at their core, those systems are in fact complex software systems, the solution to this problem is to automate insofar as possible the creation of such systems. In doing so, not only the creation of enterprise software is speeded up, but also more people with non-programming backgrounds are granted the opportunity to contribute to the digitization effort.

The GOLEM project aims to enable non-programmers to develop enterprise grade applications by evolving the OutSystems low-code development model to a new fully integrated and interactive development experience in which programming is automated, based on natural language specifications, examples given by the developer, point and click demonstrations or sketches. The output of that automation is not only code, but also a live preview of the application's behavior that allows the developer to understand the effects of his actions.

Thus, this project will advance the state-of-the-art of applied automated programming techniques, will change the benchmark for easy to use Enterprise Software Development platforms and, in doing so, will revolutionize the low-code development market.




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