OutSystems Partner Community Transforms Enterprise Application Development, Gains New Revenue Opportunities

Boston -  14 July 2020

Updated Channel Program Reflects Company’s Growing Ecosystem and Accelerates Value to Customers

OutSystems, the global leader in low-code application development, today launched an enhanced partner program, offering new benefits and expanded opportunities for channel partners and systems integrators who establish expertise in OutSystems and for ISVs and solution providers who build products with the OutSystems platform.

The OutSystems partner program accelerates customers’ speed of success, pace of adoption, and time to value via partner engagement. The program includes:

  • Systems integrators differentiate offerings and drive demand with competency-based authorizations. Partner authorizations available today are based on skill and successful customer delivery, and more than 20 certification paths are planned for this year.
  • Industry and use case-specific business solutions built by partners are available in the new OutSystems solution catalog and in the Forge, a repository of reusable apps, widgets, themes, templates, and connectors. Partners can demonstrate their deep industry expertise by bringing multiple solutions to market.
  • ISV and MSP licensing programs enable software companies to develop, sell, and manage offerings built on the OutSystems platform. ISV and MSP partners gain improved access to the OutSystems platform, unique licensing and pricing terms, and supporting services to rapidly build differentiated products and bring unique services to market.

“We view our partners as a natural extension of the OutSystems team, and we know our customers trust them to be there for both strategy and execution,” said Peter Dunlap, VP of Channels and Alliances at OutSystems. “We are building a frictionless, highly rewarding relationship for our partners, helping them grow their business by creating differentiated value.”

“We’ve been working with OutSystems for many years across multiple regions, and this new program codifies the various ways our partnership drives value to our customers. From scoping a project to delivering transformative applications, from building industry-specific accelerators to bringing novel products to market, the new partner program defines and rewards the myriad ways we use OutSystems to delight customers and maintain diversified revenue streams.” Axel Rupp, Partner at Deloitte Consulting - GSI Partner

“We’re focused on helping customers generate maximum value from the low-code platform. The OutSystems partner program rewards our investments in quality, skill, and performance, giving us the opportunity to source and deliver transformative projects to our customers.” Pedro Carrilho, Managing Director & Founder, Phoenix Services - Channel Partner

“As a GSI, we’re looking for the most flexible tools that enable agile application development and delivery of modernization initiatives. Within a transformation approach, we usually need to leverage an ecosystem of technologies orchestrated via a low-code platform and we work with OutSystems because it is appropriate for even the most complex projects. The new partner program allows us to leverage the OutSystems platform to drive multiple revenue streams across our networks.” Rui Gonçalves Partner, Advisory at KPMG - GSI Partner

“Today, speed and flexibility are crucial for organizations to become digital. Clients know our deep expertise with OutSystems helps deliver their pre-built solutions as part of a larger digital mosaic integrated with other technologies and platforms. OutSystems investment in a new business solution catalog enables clients to accelerate project success to realize value faster than ever.” Samir Agarwal, Senior VP, Partnerships at Persistent - Channel Partner with Multiple Business Solutions

“Using the OutSystems platform, Coolprofs can bring fully developed software and managed services offerings to market. This partner program opens new business opportunities from launching a new product in the market to managing a tailored solution for one client. This gives us more chances to realize revenue by satisfying customer demand.” Camilla Ramberg, Chief Executive Officer at Coolprofs - Channel and ISV Partner

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