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  • new-cmo-outsystems-hcard
    OutSystems Appoints New Chief Marketing Officer

    OutSystems appoints new Chief Marketing Officer, Christine Nurnberger, who brings more than 20 years of experience driving world-class marketing strategies across B2B technology and SaaS companies.

    24 May 2023

  • dah-chong-hong-hcard
    DCH Launches Custom-Built Service Platform with OutSystems

    The new custom-built DCH Toolbox Service Platform - DigiFix leverages the OutSystems platform to streamline electrical appliance after-sales service workflows for customers and DCH staff.

    11 May 2023

  • allen-gledhill-mobile-app-hcard
    Allen & Gledhill Launches Employee-Centric A&G Mobile App

    Through the OutSystems high-performance low-code platform, Allen & Gledhill's 800 employees in Singapore now have easy access to a wide range of corporate services and information.

    25 April 2023

  • cloud-native-cost-hcard
    OutSystems Reveals the TCO of Cloud-Native Development

    In its most recent research, OutSystems examined the Total Cost of Ownership of cloud-native development and how ODC can be an efficient time to market solution.

    22 February 2023

  • gsis-touch-mobile-app-hcard
    GSIS Launches Mobile App for 2.5 Million Potential Users

    Through the OutSystems high-performance low-code platform, over 2.5M GSIS members and pensioners now have easy and seamless access to services, including loan applications.

    10 February 2023

  • low-code-hackathon-coding4all-hcard
    ITE Students Win Awards for Building Agile Apps

    The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) announced the winners of the Coding4All Challenge 2022, its first low-code hackathon. Open to all students, attendees learned how to leverage the OutSystems platform to create business critical apps.

    01 February 2023

  • gartner-mq-enterprise-lcap-leader-hcard
    Gartner Named OutSystems a Leader for the 6th Year in a Row

    OutSystems, a leader in high-performance app development, was named a leader by Gartner in the 2023 MQ for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms for the 6th year in a row, ranking first in the "ability to execute" axis.

    13 January 2023

  • outtystems-expands-high-performance-low-code-platform-hcard
    OutSystems Expands its High-Performance Low-Code Platform with New Cloud-Native Development Solution

    Announced at NextStep 2022, the OutSystems Developer Cloud is a high-performance low-code solution for creating cloud-native mission-critical applications.

    15 November 2022

  • outsystems-introduces-ai-mentor-system-hcard
    OutSystems Introduces AI Mentor System to Accelerate Developer Productivity, Dramatically Improve Code Quality, and Crush Technical Debt

    At NextStep 2022, OutSystems unveiled the new AI Mentor System, an enhanced solution that covers critical aspects of the software development lifecycle.

    15 November 2022