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Do iT Lean is a services company dedicated to building web and mobile applications using OutSystems low-code platform. We are experts in agile delivery and believe in building lean solutions that bring immediate impact to your business. Servicing customers all around the world our experts can help you maximize your investment in OutSystems.


Projects Delivered

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  • Gnosis
    • Other use cases
    • Pharma & Biotech
    4 Developers 10 Weeks Web Application 2021

    A workflow application that supports the internal process of defining complex codes to describe assay protocols. The codes are based on various protocols including species, incubation time, temperature, etc.

  • Branch Lookup Tool Application
    Branch Lookup Tool Application
    • Transportation & Logistics
    • Operations & Logistics
    4 Developers 4 Weeks Web Application 2021

    This application is a rewrite of a previous one. The BLT application allows security based role privileges to SRS data users to access regions, areas, credit regions, divisions, brands and branches to view, manage and edit these different satellite offices. The resulting application provides a seamless way for SRS to remain agile as their business grows.

  • 33
    HDM Discount Automation
    • Transportation & Logistics
    • Customer Service
    1 Developer 6 Weeks Web Application 2021

    The project implemented a back-office solution to manage discount rules and a validation process when discounts are assigned to a client. With the new discount engine, the company can now automate their refund discount process.

  • Stock Reconciliation
    Stock Reconciliation
    • Financial Services
    • Workflow and processes
    3 Developers 8 Weeks Web Application 2021

    This web application is part JTC business offer and used to collect data from various documents and data sources for analysis and processing. Based on updated investment information it automatically starts the reconciliation process and provides the needed workflows and manual intervention capabilities to move the reconciliation process to completion.

Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • Rocket UI
    Rocket UI
    • All Industries | Development Tools
    The Rocket UI Kit is an application to manage the life cycle of user interface elements. It includes a set of advanced components, layouts and screen templates that are a must have for any OutSystems development team wanting to build high fidelity reactive web and mobile applications.
  • Sync iT - Data Migration Automation
    Sync iT - Data Migration Automation
    • All Industries | Other use cases
    Sync iT is an essential productivity tool for any OutSystems shop. The tool allows migrating application data from one OutSystems infrastructure to another, regardless if it is on-premise or hosted in the OutSystems cloud.
  • Let iT Flow  Document Management
    Let iT Flow Document Management
    • Other use cases
    • Business Services
    With Let It Flow you can now manage your documents through an easy to use interface. The platform automatically controls the document’s SLA and using the Let It Flow Dashboard you can quickly identify critical documents that need attention.

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