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Offshore system development Developing and operating system/application Developing embedded system System Migration (e.g. Lotus Notes, COBOL, to Cloud Platform) SoftwareTesting services IoT system develpmnet Big Data Analysis Business Process Outsourcing Digital Transformation Service : - RPA - BPA (business process automation) - Digital Marketing


Projects Delivered

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  • RetailWholesale
    Station Store Sales information management system
    • Other use cases
    • Retail & Wholesale
    2 Developers 6 Weeks Web Application 2021

    Sales information management system inside the station. The system allows to manage master data and generate data reports from sales information in stores. Simply master data can be maintained, import master data from a csv file. From the import information and master data, the support system exports many types of report files in pdf or csv, excel format.

  • Healthcare
    Legacy Systems replacement Investigation
    • Customer Service
    • Healthcare
    5 Developers 2 Months Web Application 2020

    Provide training courses on OutSystems development and understand how to develop and operate with OutSystems. Development standard / architecture solution deployment / standard function template on Outsystems platform We will develop and implement it according to the actual situation of the customer.

  • TransportationLogistics
    Flight support system development
    • Other use cases
    • Transportation & Logistics
    50 Developers 15 Months Web Application 2020

    In order to speed up Maintenance Support Operations and strengthen department cooperation for flight support systems FPT Provide Outsystems Architecture Solutions which help customer fulfill requirement. Have more than 300 Outsystems Specialist available and ready to help customer.

  • Banking
    Project/Report Management Systems
    • Other use cases
    • Banking
    5 Developers 4 Months Web Application 2020

    Restructure Project: Project/Report Management Systems Waterfall: Basic design to integration test Target Platform: Outsystems Oncloud

Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • Digital Labs Service
    Digital Labs Service
    • All Industries | Other use cases
    FPT provides Outsystems Digital Labs and professional developers which helps customers focus on digital innovation. It is important to realize digital innovation is not just technology. It requires a customer focused innovation culture, suitably structured to offer the flexibility to identify new opportunities to take advantage of them.
  • Lotus Notes Migration Solution
    Lotus Notes Migration Solution
    • All Industries | Other use cases
    1. NOTES APP REDUCTION Helps discover and reduce large amount of unnecessary Notes Apps and get ready to migrate. 2. OPTIMIZED MIGRATION METHODOLOGY Well-Organized Systems Significant Migration Cost and Time savings delivered. 3. LOW CODE APPROACH Faster, improve customer experience with Great UI/UX Future proof and ready for External integration

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