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iPassion is a community team who have a passion for technology and service customer to grow up in the business sector need to disturb process with digital technology such as paperless, digital transformation reduce time to process and people in the workflow, approval online anytime anywhere. Building Integrated Technology Solutions Across Web and Mobile Platforms with both high-code and low-code and both waterfall or Agile methodology depend on an appropriate customer project.


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  • Localize Marketing & Package Authorize System
    Localize Marketing & Package Authorize System
    • Content & Marketing
    • Telecommunications
    2 Developers 5 Months Web Application 2023

    Localize Marketing and Package Authorize System is the system for managing promotions focuses on using geography, demographics, and behavior to create customized promotions for the targeted areas. In addition, the system can be configured to show the precise location of the area by choosing the province, city, and district, or by entering the latitude and ...

    • Workflow and processes
    • Construction & Engineering
    2 Developers 1 Weeks Web Application 2023

    The E-Stamp Duty System is a system that connects to the Revenue Department of Thailand. This system will automatically send the business income based on sales orders to the Revenue Department, reducing the user's need to key in their business income for each sales order manually.

  • Partner Management System
    Partner Management System
    • Assets & inventory management
    • Telecommunications
    3 Developers 2 Months Web Application 2022

    The Partner Management System is a platform with two main functions. The first part serves as a device management module, allowing partners to effectively oversee their store's devices. It enables efficient device management, tracking, and status identification for partner stores. The second part is dedicated to facilitating the coordination and management...

  • Construction Management
    Construction Management
    • Operations & Logistics
    • Construction & Engineering
    2 Developers 12 Weeks Web Application 2022

    The system for managing jobs based on purchase orders and verifying that the job site has fully received all of their orders. In this system, partners of SCG can also register as a new partner. In order to continue processing the payment after this, this system connects to a Business Process Management System to do the payment processes.

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