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Digital technology increasingly influences the way people work and live together. For companies, digital technology even determines the level of their success to an increasingly greater extent. Moreover, the world is constantly in flux. This means that the development of software, apps and websites is not a one time challenge or opportunity, but a continuous process. We help you and your organisation employ digital technology in such a way that you can easily realise your ambitions. In doing so, we always look at the entire package of business, experience and technol...



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  • OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC)

Projects Delivered

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  • AGMinfo Portal
    AGMinfo Portal
    • Other use cases
    • Banking
    2 Developers 20 Weeks Web Application 2020

    Since 2013, AGMinfo has been collecting and publishing information about shareholders' meetings of European listed companies. In 2017, the Shareholder Rights Directive 2 (SRD2) was adopted by the EU. As a result, intermediaries are obliged to actively inform shareholders about shareholder meetings. This was the reason to rebuilt the portal with Outsystems

  • Insurance
    Leading health insurance company
    • Insurance
    2 Developers 2 Months

    Investigate & implement the use of Elastic Search within a new Outsystems solution. This solution is used to find healthcare providers easily and quickly.

Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • Mobile app for sharing and insuring assets within communities
    Mobile app for sharing and insuring assets within communities
    • Assets & inventory management
    This Proof of Concept was build during a hackathon at the Rabobank. The app had the functionality to create communities (like groups on Whatsapp), register assets you want to share and the proces of requesting, approval, insure, and payment via iDeal
  • Service Management tool
    Service Management tool
    • Customer Service
    The Service management tool is used to proces internal and external requests like incidents, small development tasks, complaints and questions.

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