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Noesis is part of Altia Group, with over 3 500 professionals operating in seven countries: Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Brazil, Chile, and The USA. Noesis is one of the oldest OutSystems partners worldwide. With 14 Innovation Awards, 3x Partner of the Year, several Quality apps, and a team of +150 certified OutSystems experts with more than 500 technical certifications, Noesis is also recognized by OutSystems as one of the most skillful partners in the ecosystem, currently ranking 2nd on Global Partner Ranking.



Technical IconTechnical

  • OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC)
  • Platform Setup & Maintenance
  • UX/UI Design

Industry IconIndustry

  • Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail & Consumer packaged goods

Projects Delivered

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  • Healthcare
    Manager View-Automatic Translations & Improvements
    • Customer Service
    • Healthcare
    4 Developers 2 Months Web Application 2023

    The application is the main entry point for managers, and they can access all the data they need regarding travelling employees in their organization such as employees and buildings location at risk, countries and cities guide and risks, security and medical alerts from all over the world and employees assistance requests. Integrates all back-end systems t...

  • Healthcare
    Web Portal - Reactive Migration & Improvements
    • Customer Service
    • Healthcare
    3 Developers 5 Months Web Application 2023

    Web App developed from scratch to replace a legacy system, allowing our client to provide a native responsive User experience to their users. This portal provides health and security information for our client’s customers, and +1Million Users Worldwide will use it. Using Outsystems native features, screens are fully responsive and customizable.

  • Healthcare
    Travel Advisor - Multi-language Improvements
    • Customer Service
    • Healthcare
    5 Developers 5 Months Web Application 2023

    The application displays Medical, Security and Travel content for all the countries around the world translated in 8 different languages. The main purpose of the application is to prepare users for a future trip. It integrates with other customer applications, and differentiates by displaying only the essential information so the traveller can focus on the...

  • Healthcare
    Assistance App - UI & Other Improvements
    • Customer Service
    • Healthcare
    4 Developers 10 Months Mobile Application 2023

    Assistance App is a mobile application to assist travelers in their trips and prepare themselves for security and medical risks in the destination countries. Travelers receive alerts about incidents and events that can compromise their security and safety. This app is estimated to be used by +1M Users.

Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • r-source
    • Other use cases
    Intelligent Recruitment Intuitive and practical recruitment system that standardizes the entire process of candidates' qualification while making data available and easy to reach.
  • e-val
    • Human Resources
    Evaluation System A modern, custom made evaluation system that allows a 360º evaluation flow, considering both behavioral parameters and employee's goals achievement.
  • t-xpenses
    • Finance
    Time, Expenses & Vacation Management Time and expenses system that allows a healthy balance between the level of control that is necessary to impose and the ease of implementation of these responsibilities by all employees.

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  • 1 Innovation Award 2021
  • 1 Innovation Award 2020
  • 3 Quality Apps

543 Certifications

  • 190 90 Associate Reactive Developer
  • 188 44 Associate Tech Lead
  • 192 8 Professional Platform Ops Engineer
  • 199 110 Associate Developer
  • 201 3 Professional Web Developer
  • 202 3 Professional Mobile Developer
  • 152 58 Associate Traditional Web Developer
  • 153 55 Professional Traditional Web Developer
  • 154 19 Expert Traditional Web Developer
  • 195 12 Delivery Specialist
  • 196 8 Front-end Developer Specialist
  • 193 51 Architecture Specialist
  • 191 71 Mobile Developer Specialist
  • 198 8 Security Specialist
  • 200 3 Web Developer Specialist
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