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NovioQ is your excelling partner when it comes to implementing fast, solid, scalable and maintainable low-code applications in enterprise environments. With our decades of experience, we are recognized for our knowledge and executing capabilities to create governance and operate in international and highly complex corporate environments. We enjoy doing complex projects, especially when it involves well designed architecture and integrations with your enterprise cloud solutions and back-end systems like SAP.


Projects Delivered

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    Networking and Telecommunications Company
    • Computer & Technology
    5 Developers 6 Months Web Application 2019

    This application issues purchase orders to vendors. The client issues a large number of invoices a day and several large teams used to do this manually. The new application automates this: * Integrating eight systems, including global SAP * Great intuitive user interface for easy navigation

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    • Consumer, Food & Beverage
    4 Developers 12 Months Web Application 2019

    Global Purchasing Platform. We created this customer's first OutSystems applications for Global Purchasing, providing a single login point for buyers and managers where they could do their work, instead of logging into eight different systems (multiple SAP systems, sharepoint, other backend systems) to do their daily chores. We helped them define t...

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    Petrochemical Manufactury
    • Chemical, Agriculture, Mining/Metals
    2 Developers 4 Weeks Web Application 2019

    This application shows incoming emails and provides the company with a workflow to compose and approve outgoing emails. Authors can add attachments, images and regular text formatting to their emails. Once an email has been submitted for approval, the approvers receive a notification and can approve/reject the email and add comments. IMAP is used to send a...

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    Petrochemical Manufacture
    • Chemical, Agriculture, Mining/Metals
    2 Developers 4 Weeks Web Application 2019

    This application is used to facilitate the manufacturing process in one of the plants. Several types of factory components can be maintained and placed into one of their production lines. Print sheets are created to facilitate the relocation of these components, and several pdf and Excel reports can be downloaded for auditing purposes.

Solutions Built With OutSystems

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    Exasol database connector
    • All Industries | Data Integration Tools
    This .NET component allows the OutSystems platform to connect to the Exasol hig-performance analytical database natively and add Exasol tables/views as external entities using Integration Studio.
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    SAP Warehouse Scan App
    • Transportation & Logistics
    • Logistics Software
    SAP-connected scan application for scanning pallets in the warehouse and confirming the transfer order.
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    Spinque Realtime Performance
    • App Development Software
    Our Spinque-OutSystems component enables you to get realtime answers to any question you ask your dataset. Spinque uses a unique column store style search algorythm that makes all of your applications fly. Also available for SAP-based applications.

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