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OSQuay is an IT consulting services firm focused in the excellency of delivering and maintaining projects and products, implemented with the OutSystems platform. Our seasoned team has had extensive experience delivering innovative and complex solutions to our clients, both remotely and on-site, across the globe.


Projects Delivered

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    Bespoke CRM System
    • CRM Software
    • Advertising, Media, Publishing
    3 Developers 5 Months Web Application 2020

    Fully customized CRM System, including not only basic functionalities like activities and opportunities but also forecasts and dashboards. The system's architecture was designed from scratch to support multiple agencies and clients and to allow employees to track their activities/opportunities regarding their clients.

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    Health Client Management and Program Info Solution
    • Healthcare
    • Healthcare CRM
    2 Developers 4 Months Web Application 2020

    The solution offers a web-based client management and program information solution supporting pregnant women, that transforms the way the Nurses Program's home visiting teams and administrators collect, process, and share program data.

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    ArcGIS Integration Application
    • Other Industries
    • Geographic Information System (GIS) Software
    2 Developers 6 Months Mobile Application 2020

    The solution integrates with the ArcGIS System and includes a mobile app to locate trees that represent a risk. It generates real-time forms with property owners' info where the trees are found. It includes a back-office to assign the workload, and generate reports and upload related photos. Before any intervention, teams must fill in a security checklist.

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    iBuy Application
    • Financial Services
    • Purchase Order Software
    1 Developers 7 Months Web Application 2019

    The customer, a Real Estate Investment Trust, owns and manages a broad portfolio of real estate, including retail, office, and logistics assets. The iBuy application replaces an existing software, integrated with an SAP system, and is used to manage suppliers and purchase orders, and allows users to generate purchase orders reports.

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