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Phact is your go-to partner for custom-made and ground-braking solutions that will fit perfect in your organization. Phact is one of the most innovative partners of OutSystems, we have extensive experience with emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Our innovative spirit helps organizations build enterprise-grade applications to transform their business faster. We strongly believe in co-creation and full transparency. We make complex technologies understandable, usable and available to all of our customers.


Projects Delivered

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  • Uniform Systems for Stillages
    Uniform Systems for Stillages
    • Operations & Logistics
    • Manufacturing
    2 Developers 6 Months Web Application 2022

    Glass is delivered on stillages. Scheuten has a large number of these stillages. These stillages are tracked in this system and can be monitored in real time. The map shows where the stillages are located. Via the digital CMR, the various transporters pass on the exact location where the stillage has been delivered or picked up. The system is linked to ...

  • Customer Portal 'Glassist'
    Customer Portal 'Glassist'
    • Customer Apps
    • Manufacturing
    2 Developers 3 Months Web Application 2022

    Together with Scheuten Glas we developed a portal for their customers. In the portal the customer can find all information about invoices, deliveries and orders. Via the portal you can submit a new order and even put together your own glass. The customer can also report the empty stillage on which glass has been delivered, manual or scan the QR code on the...

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  • Mobile Sourcing Application
    Mobile Sourcing Application
    • Assets & inventory management
    • Retail & Wholesale
    2 Developers 2 Months Mobile Application 2022

    The Sourcing App allows buyers at trade shows to quickly list products that could potentially be purchased. In the app, a folder can be created for each trade show in which, in turn, a folder can be created for each supplier at the trade show. In these supplier folders, the products of interest offered by the supplier can be placed. Pictures, video’s, no...

  • Wishmaps
    • Other use cases
    • Foundations & Non-Profits
    3 Developers 20 Weeks Web Application 2021

    You may be closer to a Wish Child than you think. Make-A-Wish Netherlands aims to become the most digital charity in the Netherlands. As a proud Wish partner, Phact works together with Make-A-Wish Netherlands to make their digital dreams come true. Wish children can share their Wish Journey through Wish Maps, a digital community platform for children...

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Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • OutSystems Monitor
    OutSystems Monitor
    • Finance
    • Computer & Technology
    The Phact OutSystems Monitor application is a support and monitoring composition and guarding solution for OutSystems environments. With this application you are always on point about your license numbers and error handling.
  • Plantool
    • Other use cases
    • Manufacturing
    An interactive graphical cloud-based planning board. Fully integrated with IBM DB2 iSeries ERP. This application makes productionplanning way more efficient and cost-effective.
  • TURNN platform
    TURNN platform
    • Other use cases
    • Transportation & Logistics
    BNV Mobility has been developing innovative mobility solutions since 2010. Phact provided backend and OutSystems expertise to BNV Mobility for various applications. One of these applications is the TURNN platform.
  • WhatsUP! Narrowcasting channel
    WhatsUP! Narrowcasting channel
    WhatsUP is a the result of one of Phacts Hackathons. A narrowcasting solution built with OutSystems housing full featured Microsoft Exchange integration. Besides generic information and news it shows a beautiful welcome-screen to all our guests.

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