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Providit, established in 2015 and founded by Kurt Vandevelde and Tim Timperman, has a 100% focus on OutSystems. Tim and Kurt have been working with the OutSystems platform since 2010 and have by far the most experience of the platform in Belgium. Our focus is to help customers get the most out of the OutSystems platform by providing consultancy and training. With focus we mean quality and not quantity, we aim to be known in the market for our knowledge and experience. We look forward in helping you to transition from traditional to modern application development.


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  • Manufacturing
    Sales Incentive Plan
    • Sales
    • Manufacturing
    1 Developer 6 Weeks Web Application 2022

    Internal web application to create and manage bonus plans and yearly targets for the sales department. Transitioning from an excel process, the app drastically increases the productivity of administrators and offers transparency. The solution is seamlessly integrated with AWS S3 buckets from where data is further extracted and processed by other tools.

  • Manufacturing
    Maintenance, Repair & Operations application
    • Workflow and processes
    • Manufacturing
    1 Developer 9 Weeks Web Application 2021

    Internal multilingual web application to register and manage change requests within the manufacturing process. Integrates an extensive approval workflow with multiple departments involved. Using a full auditing custom solution, every action and change is thoroughly tracked. Replaced an existing Sharepoint app and improved the transaction time with minutes.

  • Arvesta - Link2Farm
    Arvesta - Link2Farm
    • Customer Apps
    • Chemical, Agriculture, Mining
    2 Developers 3 Months Mobile Application 2022

    LINK2FARM is an indispensable aid for livestock farmers to feed cattle in a targeted and optimal way and thus effectively increase their yield (milk production or weight gain). The focus on advice and service makes the app unique. From now on, the modern farmer or livestock farmer no longer enters his stables without a smartphone or tablet.

  • Arvesta - FeedExpress
    Arvesta - FeedExpress
    • Operations & Logistics
    • Chemical, Agriculture, Mining
    2 Developers 10 Weeks Web Application 2022

    Arvesta developed an online platform for farmers where they are able to quickly order new batches of livestock food. The platform provides the ability to select the type of food, type of silos, reusing of previous orders and easy checkout. Besides the automation in the backend, the farmer's experience and ease of use was at the center of this initiative!

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