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Providit, established in 2015 and founded by Kurt Vandevelde and Tim Timperman, has a 100% focus on OutSystems. Tim and Kurt have been working with the OutSystems platform since 2010 and have by far the most experience of the platform in Belgium. Our focus is to help customers get the most out of the OutSystems platform by providing consultancy and training. With focus we mean quality and not quantity, we aim to be the best and that we are known in the market for our knowledge and experience. We look forward in helping you to transition from traditional coding to low cod...


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  • Duvel Moortgat
    Duvel Moortgat
    • Food & Beverage
    1 Developers 11 Weeks Web Application 2019

    Together with Duvel we refactored the Export Portal, the application is used by international B2B customers to place orders. As the orders are usually large container shipments, we managed to integrate Cubemaster into OutSystems that lets the customer see how much place they still have left in a container. This visual element is both for customer and Duvel...

  • Entertainment company
    Entertainment company
    • Travel, Leisure, Entertainment
    2 Developers 1 Weeks Mobile Application 2019

    As a POC exercise we developed 2 applications (web+mobile) in just a week, hence proving the speed of the platform. Additionally we were able to create these two applications with a much better UI and improved UX. Needless to say the potential customer was blown away.

  • Cigna
    • Insurance
    2 Developers 10 Weeks Mobile Application 2019

    One of the leading health insurance and financial services organisations in the world, with more than 35,000 employees. Today, they serve millions of people worldwide through medical, dental, life, accident and disability benefit plans and insurance. To provide a digital experience to patients and healthcare providers, we built a mobile app for patien...

  • LCM
    • Insurance
    5 Developers 12 Months Web Application 2019

    LCM has a history of building applications on the java stack and as the technology evolves with new frameworks being used almost every other week, the company had to find a way to provide an easier way of developing but also to speed up their development. Development cycles of over a year where unfortunately very common. Together with Providit they started...

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