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Providit, established in 2015 and founded by Kurt Vandevelde and Tim Timperman, has a 100% focus on OutSystems. Tim and Kurt have been working with the OutSystems platform since 2010 and have by far the most experience of the platform in Belgium. Our focus is to help customers get the most out of the OutSystems platform by providing consultancy and training. With focus we mean quality and not quantity, we aim to be the best and that we are known in the market for our knowledge and experience. We look forward in helping you to transition from traditional coding to l...



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  • OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC)
  • Platform Setup & Maintenance

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  • EnergyUtilities
    Maintenance and managing OutSystems infrastructure
    • Other use cases
    • Energy & Utilities
    2 Developers 8 Weeks Web Application 2023

    An OutSystems customer reached out as they needed help with their platform upgrades/maintenance and managing their common components library. Also implementing new security policies and systems.

  • OtherIndustries
    Upgrading older OS environment
    • Other use cases
    • Other Industries
    1 Developer 1 Weeks Web Application 2023

    An OutSystems customer reached out as they needed help with upgrading a 3 year old on-premise implementation. Having a dev/tst/uat/prd delivery street where Service Studio and Integration Studio were on version 11.53.35 (Build 61815) and the Platform Server on 11.7.2 (Build 6043). Also some critical patches were not applied yet. We drew up an upgrade p...

  • OLAF
    • Other use cases
    • Insurance
    1 Developer 6 Months Web Application 2023

    OLAF, a digital platform, was created to offer members an alternative online affiliation process alongside the existing manual method. To tackle the development, a team comprising one developer and two business analysts/testers was assembled. The project was divided into epics and user stories, which were addressed in biweekly sprints. Multiple testers ...

  • MyCM Web portal
    MyCM Web portal
    • Customer Service
    • Insurance
    4 Developers 3 Months Web Application 2023

    Utilizing their extensive OutSystems expertise, Providit experts played a crucial role in assisting LCM with the development of the self-service web portal, MyCM Web portal. Leveraging their deep knowledge of the OutSystems platform, Providit not only ensured the seamless integration of existing and new backend services from the MyCM Mobile app, but also t...

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