agentbase travel expenses

agentbase travel expenses

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Solution Overview

travel expenses let you manage complex requirements of business travel accounting in an easy way: Native app for travellers to create trips, receipts, and billings as they come including photo - workflow to streamline creation, approval and payout - professional PDF reporting - web solution as a role-based self service + approval + management portal
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Key Features

  • Quick and easy recording of travel data
  • Faster review, editing and approval
  • Multi-stage approval process
  • Fully in-sync data between smartphone, tablet und desktop application
  • Native mobile App with offline capabilities
  • E-mail notification of processing status

Key Benefits

  • Network and location independence
    All travel information is recorded directly. You only need an Internet connection to submit the travel expense report, otherwise all entries can be made mobile and offline.
  • Quick and easy to use
    All information is conveniently entered using a smartphone, tablet or web application and is kept in sync. Receipts such as invoices can be immediately captured and uploaded using the integrated camera function.
  • Comprehensive Workflow
    All tasks handling the billing of a travel expense request are covered by a process that keeps track of the status: creation, approval, reediting, payout etc.
  • Role based travel expenses management portal
    A travel expenses web solution offers role based functionaliy – such as self services for travellers (creation, reedit, reports), workflow task overviews e.g. for approvers, PDF reporting to meet regulatory compliance, highly configurational for country settings, vehicle types, currencies, personal settings…

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