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Solution Overview

During COVID-19, many companies were forced to have their employees working remotely. After a couple of months, governments allowed the return to the office in a controlled manner. This solution allows your employees to request a day at the office, including multi-layered approval and provides monitoring & reporting on the max. capacity of the building.

Key Features

  • Employees can request a day on site, or let others know that they will work from home
  • Capacity is managed within building zones, where each zone has a (dynamic) maximum capacity
  • Both direct managers and zone managers are able to approve, decline or reassign requests
  • Employees can see when and where their team members are working, which simplifies the planning of physical meetings
  • An ‘employees on-site’ export can easily be made to serve as input for security badges

Key Benefits

This solution drastically reduced the amount of manual work in managing the return to office. Instead of working with team-based Excel files that need to be consolidated – with all manual errors that arise – the collection and consolidation of data is now fully automated.

When requests are not within the capacity limitations, there is now a structured process in which a manager can assign an employee to a nearby suggested zone. This removes time-consuming back-and-forth communication between employees and managers.

Additionally, our client is able to adjust zone-specific capacity thresholds and is thereby prepared for the coming months in which more people will be allowed on their locations.

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