Solution Overview

The OutSystems Deployment and Management Solutions (ODMS) is a simple to use LifeTime plugin to manage your application deployments to (decentral) environments. Do you have multiple (10/100/1000) local production environments for your stores, ships, plants or other decentral environments?

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Key Features

The default deployment solution from OutSystems (LifeTime) has limitations for those that have multiple decentral environments. LifeTime limits you in:

  • Having a maximum of 12 environments registered;
  • Only supports serial deployments;
  • Maintaining your remote environments is not possible;

When you have the need for more environments ODMS will help you manage these and control the deployment process in a easy and user friendly way. ODMS is the solution when...

  • When internet access is not always available or stable on your Remote Locations

  • When you don’t want to depend on internet access. 

  • When you don’t want to depend on only one Central Environment for all your Remote Locations

Key Benefits

With the ODMS you can easily deploy your OutSystems applications and OutSystems environment configurations to all your environments at once. The ODMS is built as an extension on LifeTime so your developers don't need to learn new skills and have all their deployment controls in one place. The ODMS doesn't limit you in the number of registered environments and has proven that it can easily handle more than 1000 distributed environments and deploy application to those environments in an orderly and parallel way.

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