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Team Resilience is entirely specialized in high-speed development of enterprise applications with the OutSystems low-code platform, unlocking its full potential and power. Our mission is to help clients to be the digital leaders of tomorrow, providing fast and resilient application innovation while leveraging existing IT investments.


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  • Truck Pricing Portal
    Truck Pricing Portal
    • Field Services
    • Manufacturing
    3 Developers 3 Weeks Web Application 2021

    Together with DAF Trucks, Team Resilience has developed a pricing portal for their Sales team. With this new portal, DAF salespeople now have all the accurate pricing data at hand, including historical quotes, to make the right pricing decision. This Reactive Web application is fully responsive and easy to access from anywhere with a DAF device.

  • Improved credit scoring algorithm
    Improved credit scoring algorithm
    • Financial Services
    • Other use cases
    1 Developer 5 Months Web Application 2021

    Restructuring credit scoring to better leverage Chamber of Commerce data. The new algorithm ensures fast implementation of new business rules, without any IT support. Even companies with complex company relations can be screened automatically for KYC compliance and acceptances. This algorithm now automates 90% of the scoring.

  • BAS - Gas Grid Operations
    BAS - Gas Grid Operations
    • Energy & Utilities
    • Other use cases
    5 Developers 6 Months Web Application 2020

    Development of a business critical application to support the Gas grid operations. Application modernization to decommission legacy and enable migration to the cloud. Application used by over 1,000 internal and external users, including the high secure Network Operations Center with an intuitive and seamlessly geo-info systems integration.

  • Yacht Transport System
    Yacht Transport System
    • Transportation & Logistics
    • Sales
    5 Developers 11 Months Web Application 2020

    In co-creation with Spliethoff, Team Resilience has developed a Yacht Transport Booking System (BMS) for Spliethoff's business units Sevenstar and DYT. BMS enables sales agents world wide to manage order intake, contracting, scheduling and billing aspects of Yacht Transport.

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