and UiPath

Intelligently automate your business processes with UiPath and OutSystems

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Use industry-leading RPA and low-code technology to deliver greater productivity and operational efficiency while lowering risk

Best-of-breed technology

Enable high performance with automation technologies from two companies Gartner named Leaders in their respective markets.


Pre-built connectors

Pre-built connectors accelerate the integration of UiPath bots with OutSystems applications, saving you time and effort.

Future-proof investment

A qualified and tested best-of-breed solution delivers maximum performance while also lowering the risk of vendor lock-in.


See how bots and low-code come together

Consider these examples

atendee process automation icon

Attended automation

Use UiPath bots to automate back-office processes with Outsystems interfaces to collect human inputs.

rpa orchestration icon

RPA orchestration

Automate departmental tasks with UiPath, and coordinate these tasks cross-functionally using OutSystems.

automated app testing icon

Automated testing

Improve quality and efficiency by using UiPath to automate manual OutSystems application testing.

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