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Truewind is a well-established global solutions provider and a leading OutSystems Partner. We are specialized in guiding and accelerating our customers’ journey through their agile development & digital transformation to overcome the business challenges of today for a more productive and profitable tomorrow.

Truewind has 200+ employees with offices in the US, UK, Netherlands, Portugal & Brazil and more than 20 years of experience developing sterling software to the world.


Projects Delivered

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    Surveyor Portal
    • Other use cases
    • Financial Services
    4 Developers 9 Weeks Web Application 2021

    The solution is a combination of Reactive Web & Progressive Web technologies with offline and native mobile capabilities that facilitate field workers in the banking industry to capture complex data relating to properties. Back-office core systems are seamlessly updated as data is entered allowing progress to be monitored and completed jobs to be reviewed.

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    Risk Insurance Customer Portal
    • Insurance
    • Customer Apps
    3 Developers 21 Weeks Web Application 2021

    The solution is a data-rich reactive web application, which provides a secure online repository of risk intelligence data to clients regarding their enquiries, policies and claims. Clients and brokers can access the same single source of truth about their accounts facilitating data-led meaningful and informed discussions with their broker teams.

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    Life Pricing Tool
    • Insurance
    • Workflow and processes
    6 Developers 7 Months Web Application 2020

    Application to simulate the price of contracts for life segment for feasibility analysis.

  • Arquitecture Health Check
    Arquitecture Health Check
    • Food & Beverage
    • Other use cases
    2 Developers 5 Weeks Web Application 2021

    In line with Super Bock's vision of having Outsystems become a strategic platform, an assessment of the overall compliance of good practices and architectural principles was essential. Truewind's Expert Services spent 3 weeks analyzing Super Bock's OutSystems Factory, building a set of reports, with practical evidence and solutions for their portfolio.

Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • Performance Evaluation Solution
    Performance Evaluation Solution
    • Field Services
    • Business Services
    Take control of your employees’ performance evaluation cycle, from the definition of competencies and goals, to the evaluation process itself, including individual development plans creation and performance analysis.
  • Content Management Solution
    Content Management Solution
    • Content & Marketing
    Quickly and easily create, manage and publish content on public/private websites, enabling marketers and other content managing users to control what and when gets published. Advanced SEO features and easy integration from OutSystems applications.
    • Development Tools
    Integrate enterprise apps distributed across multiple platforms using Truewind SOA BUS. Leverage the “integrate with anything” power of the OutSystems platform by having a single point to manage usage, access control, logging and access credentials.
  • Appointment Scheduling Solution
    Appointment Scheduling Solution
    • Events & Scheduling
    Enhance customer experience starting from the booking system. Appointment booking is key in many industries. Truewind Appointment scheduling will fast track projects, delivering appointment setting over web and mobile with your brand look & feel.

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