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At Version 1, we provide digital solutions and services to enable our customers to transform and improve the way they do business. We deliver large-scale, mission critical software projects on a global scale to customers within highly regulated industries. Our services include application modernisation, cloud transformation, application managed services and data services.


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  • Employability Labour Market System
    Employability Labour Market System
    • Customer Service
    • Government
    4 Developers 33 Weeks Web Application 2022

    The Northern Ireland Department for Communities Labour Market service supports people entering and returning to the workforce, including young people and those with disabilities. Version 1 developed a solution which enables the Department to deliver this support and maintain client relationships. More than 28000 client relationships are managed by 1600 sy...

  • Discretionary Support
    Discretionary Support
    • Workflow and processes
    • Government
    5 Developers 26 Weeks Web Application 2022

    The Department for Communities in Northern Ireland provides financial support for short-term living expenses or household items through the Discretionary Support scheme. Version 1 built a digital solution to replace both paper-based processes and aging systems. This solution comprised public-facing claim forms, workflows and decision-making tools. Since th...

  • Substitute Teacher Register
    Substitute Teacher Register
    • Other use cases
    • Education
    5 Developers 26 Weeks Web Application 2022

    The Northern Ireland Substitute Teacher Register (NISTR) is a system used to allocate appropriately qualified substitute teachers to roles and schools. The Version 1 solution enables teachers to create and maintain their profiles, including qualifications and availability. It also allows schools to search the database, book teachers for available roles an...

  • Trainee and Apprentice Management System
    Trainee and Apprentice Management System
    • Workflow and processes
    • Government
    6 Developers 26 Weeks Web Application 2022

    The Northern Ireland Department for the Economy (DfE) support training and apprenticeship programmes with employers and training organisations. Version 1 undertook the replacement of legacy applications and built a new end-to end digital solution on the OutSystems platform. This solution enables DfE, employers and trainees to manage training programmes, c...

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