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Did you know that machine learning and AI can be used to analyze source code and other data about software development, such as project schedules, delays, and application defects, and their fixes? Using insights from this analysis, it is possible to automate the more tedious aspects of a developer’s work. As a result, a new generation of AI-powered development tools is emerging. These tools are not only based on findings from AI but also have it built-in to guide and empower software professionals to spend more time on the creative aspects of development, generate more reliable code, and benefit from automatically detected bugs and security vulnerabilities.

Join OutSystems to learn how:

  • A platform infused with AI based on analysis of 25 million anonymized patterns and apps, speeds software development.
  • An AI assistant can predict the step you’ll need to take next and accurately recommends the best option.
  • Just-in-time answers and pre-built component suggestions address knowledge gaps so no one has to stop and ask for help.
  • Intelligent architectural recommendations and AI-driven architecture refactoring tackle problems early.


Mike Josephson

Solution Architect

Forsyth Alexander

Senior Product Marketing Manager