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Build it Right:
How Easy Change Management Speeds Development Time

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Earlier this year, OutSystems surveyed developers, enterprise architects and others in IT about the state of app dev. The key takeaway was the importance of app dev speed. However, more than 67% of respondents told us that fuzzy or changing requirements increased app dev time. This session explains how, with a modern development platform with a robust change management service, building, updating and evolving applications right the first time is fast, easy, and (maybe even) fun.

Join OutSystems to learn how to:

  • Assure error-free and consistent app builds, deployments, and changes at build time.
  • Generate mobile application packages for iOS and Android without installing or using any mobile platform SDK.
  • Avoid long, laborious dependency checking and debugging processes and get tapps to market faster.
  • Prevent the problems created when two or more developers are working in the same version at the same time.

You’ll also see a demo of how the OutSystems TrueChange service performs impact analysis and a visual merge of changes to the same version.