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How Modern App Platforms Are Transforming Development Assumptions

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For digital businesses, ongoing change is normal, and quickly reacting to opportunities and threats is essential. In many ways, software can provide organizations with the adaptability they need. The COVID-19 crisis made this lesson clear: organizations with flexible software or rapid application development platforms responded to the crisis, others couldn’t.

Innovations like automation in software development and DevOps technologies and practices have made building custom solutions much faster and accessible for new types of developers than it was even five years ago. By tackling new platforms and approaches for app dev, IT leaders can quickly impact their organization’s business results. Join our upcoming webinar with Forrester where we’ll discuss:

  • How you can leverage software as an expression of your business
  • Ways modern development practices can make custom development a practical, less risky, and cost-effective option
  • How cloud services and low-code development platforms enable you to slash development time and deliver meaningful applications quickly