Webinar Series

Create the 21st Century Workplace


Organizations with the best workforce experiences enjoy 12% greater customer satisfaction than other organizations.

- Deloitte

Organisations deal with two major challenges when it comes to their workforce: Attract and retain talent.

If you plan to optimise your workplace to tomorrow's standards, you will have to look at many things. One of them is the set of digital tools to accomplish your future plans. In this series of inspirational sessions, you will be presented with an answer to the questions: “How do I find the best talents and ensure a smooth onboarding process.

And parallel to this: how do I retain the talents and optimize their productivity, once they have entered my organization?

We have the solution for you.

With the OutSystems application development platform you can quickly transform these challenges into digital employee services. Want to know more? We can tell you all about it during our inspiration sessions that are hosted by HR experts and leading Digital Transformation Partners. During these sessions we give you examples of how to achieve the 21st Century Workplace with OutSystems based Employee Services in one place.

Have your IT department attend the 4th session to show how easy the implementation can be. Quickly create custom web and mobile workforce apps, employee portals, workflows, and dashboards across your employee journey.

Session 1

Improve Employee Onboarding Experience

For HR departments

On-demand coming soon

Be inspired by our HR experts sharing Onboarding experiences and improvements. This will be supported by an HR onboarding services demo using OutSystems for the onboarding manager, HR and all others that play a role in the onboarding process of your organization. 

Session 2

Employee engagement and retention

For HR departments

Coming soon

Session 3

Mastering the pre-hire process for the best talents

For HR departments

Coming soon

Session 4

Digital Workplace Innovation

For IT departments

Coming soon