Webinar Series

Create the 21st Century Workplace


If you plan to optimize your workplace to tomorrow’s standards, this series of inspirational sessions, hosted by our HR experts and Digital Transformation partners, will offer you the answer to questions such as, which set of digital tools to leverage, how to find the best talent and ensure a smooth onboarding process and how to retain that talent and optimize productivity inside the organization.

With the OutSystems application development platform, you can quickly transform these challenges into digital employee services, in one place.

Session 1 - On-Demand

Improve Employee Onboarding Experience

Be inspired by our HR experts sharing onboarding experiences and improvements and we will show you a teaser of our solutions built with OutSystems, to show you how it may help you achieve your employee satisfaction in a faster way with our help.

Session 2 - On-Demand

Employee Engagement and Retention

Our HR experts show you how daily tasks, which can often be a burden or boring to do, can be done in a smart and easy way with the digital services developed by OutSystems. From any device, anywhere - anytime. Only this way, you can ensure you are not putting unnecessary burden and complexity on your colleagues. This is a great example of the power of the OutSystems platform, where we show how you can digitize your daily tasks, become more effective and enable more time to what you find inspirational.

Session 3 - On-Demand

Mastering the Pre-hire Process for the Best Talents

See how to master the pre-hiring process, as well as all the necessary data involved to make the process easy for both the applicant and the hiring company. This is all done in OutSystems in applications for your computer or other chosen device, anytime, anywhere, to help you attract young talent and the best candidates for the job.

Session 4 - On-Demand coming soon

Digital Workplace Innovation

In this session, we will show you how easy it is to change key elements in an HR solution based on OutSystems. This can be the data model behind the solution, a workflow running essential HR processes or changes in fields. Build at the speed of buy, without constraints, to quickly create custom web and mobile workforce apps, employee portals, workflows, and dashboards across your employee journey. Bring systems, data, and tools together to empower your digital workforce.

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