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Leveraging Low-Code to Deliver Digital Services

How the Faroe Islands is leading the digital revolution

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Whether for a customer, client, or citizen, building new digital applications that deliver your core services is high-risk and high-reward. So, why are organizations adopting low-code? OutSystems sits down with the IT leaders of the Faroe Islands for a comprehensive discussion and demo on how they successfully built their e-service portfolio on high-performance low-code, with their new citizen’s portal, Vangin, in the spotlight.

During the webinar, attendees will get valuable insights on the critical capabilities needed to successfully roll out an e-services program and the benefits of embracing a low-code platform to deliver a customized experience that’s unique to your organization.

You’ll learn:

  • The benefits of using low-code to build e-services versus. off-the-shelf or traditional methods
  • Strategies and best practices for building a secure and scalable e-services infrastructure
  • Why Faroe Islands selected OutSystems as the critical tool for their National Digitization Program


Mafalda Póvoas
Senior Solution Strategist
at OutSystems

Janus Læarsson
Chief Architect - National Digitalization Program
Faroe Islands