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Differentiate your Field Services Experience: Build VS Buy and Why

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Field services organisations are constantly making efforts to increase customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiencies, reduce HS&E incidents, and enjoy better field agent engagement. But are they able to keep pace with constantly evolving business and market needs? Are field agent digital tools up to date with latest the processes, functionalities, information and intuitive apps?

  • Off the shelf solutions (COTS) often fall short of keeping up with evolving needs.
  • Disparate systems may not be able to deliver a single glass pane view of the key information required by field agents or your customers.
  • Customising or extending COTS to your needs can be prohibitively expensive, complex and requires expertise that may typically not be in your organisation.

Is there a smart way to overcome inflexible COTs software and deliver at a reasonable cost?

Alex Lassauniere, Group Manager - IT Innovation & Architecture, Coates, shares how Coates were able to develop field services applications on OutSystems in a record time with help from their partner PhoeniDX.

Rinaldo De Paolis, MD, Novata Solutions, shares field services use cases that are unique to the mining and healthcare sector.

Also, watch a demo of how easy and quick it is to modify a field services application to meet evolving needs.

Key takeaway:

  • Quickly build, deploy and easily maintain mobile applications that are customized for the unique needs of the changing business
  • Learnings and success stories from real life organisations in A/NZ

"Our stakeholders were virtually dancing on the table when we launched this. They were amazed that we had delivered such a powerful application in three months. From my perspective, we probably saved a year of development and around €250,000 by using OutSystems.” Ingo Paas, CIO, Green Cargo


Alex Lassauniere
Group Manager - IT Innovation & Architecture at Coates

Rinaldo De Paolis
MD at Novata Solutions

Ganga Varatharajan
Snr Account Executive
at OutSystems

Maria Martins
Snr Solution Artist at OutSystems