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Unsure about combining AI and automation? Using more intelligent technologies to enhance your business process automation is easy with OutSystems and AWS.

Join us for an informative 15 minute webinar and demo to see just how quickly you can incorporate advanced automation technologies into OutSystems applications for greater efficiency and productivity. See an app being updated with RPA and OCR.

  • Watch an app being developed and integrated with RPA during the webinar
  • Understand that intelligent automation technologies like AI/ML, RPA, process mining, and low-code are all good technologies. They each have their place, with their own pros and cons.
  • See how OutSystems is a great tool for building custom apps that can enhance your existing automation investments, such as RPA bot farms.
  • See how easy it is for a developer to begin enhancing the performance and value of their bots by extending them, and/or adding AI, using OS-built apps.


David Gilkey
Senior Solution Architect
at OutSystems

Kerry Kim
Principal Product Marketing Manager
at OutSystems