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Modernization at High Speed

IT strategies and successes in taking the path less traveled

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Traditional IT systems are mission-critical to the business but can present challenges such as technical debt on the path to modernization. Green Cargo CIO, Ingo Paas faced this dilemma after joining the leading sustainable cargo rail logistics company. Not willing to spend millions of dollars or place critical digital transformation initiatives on hold for years, Paas redefined their IT strategy, implementing a composable technology approach to accelerate innovation. The result: the team achieved a modern IT architecture with a 10x productivity gain in less than 15 months.

Join OutSystems, Green Cargo CIO, Ingo Paas, and TechInspire Independent Technology Researcher, Hans van Grieken to learn how organizations can overcome the limitations of traditional IT by turning their technical debt into an agile data-driven foundation.

You’ll learn:

  • How to implement a composable enterprise approach for rapid innovation at the core of the business
  • Real-world strategies and solutions to integrate legacy systems with a highly scalable, agile architecture
  • How OutSystems provides the speed and agility required to innovate without incurring technical debt


Ingo Paas
at Green Cargo

Tony Ollivier
Senior Manager, Solution Strategist
at OutSystems

Hans van Grieken
Independent Technology Researcher
at TechInspire