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Empower IT With Low-Code,
Shift Culture, and Enable Business Outcomes

Encouraging the culture shift necessary for modern IT innovation

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Successful digital transformation requires a cultural shift which impacts all processes, systems, actions, and people across an organization, yet it often gets lost in the technology shuffle.

Companies worldwide are now highly focussed on updating their business processes and adopting digital platforms that will help them serve customer needs more effectively and reliably. However, aging legacy systems are crippling IT’s ability to innovate and bring new value to the business, and they’re limiting cultural change within organizations.

Join this webinar to see Guy Capiau, OutSystems Vice President of Customer Success, EMEA, share how enterprise organizations enable maturity improvements using the OutSystems low-code platform in a variety of sectors (banking, public, utilities) by facilitating the transition to enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Topics he will cover include:

  • Why IT is empowered by a low-code solution
  • How to sustainably embed low-code in an organization
  • The ultimate value of low-code systems with real-life examples: helping companies be more agile and deploy applications faster

Join this webinar and witness the power of IT with low-code!