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Simplifying App and Data Integration with a Modern Application Platform

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Applications are just empty shells without data integration. Yet, the general consensus is that data integration is a big challenge. Integrating data with legacy systems and applications/lacking APIs was a top challenge in our 2020 survey of IT professionals. In Cleo’s 2020 survey, 75% of IT decision-makers across industries stated that they are feeling greater urgency to adopt newer, simpler integration alternatives. A modern data application can help. In this session, you’ll discover the difference a connection wizard and a machine learning component can make to your integration challenges.

Join OutSystems to learn how to:

  • Use an integration wizard to create connectors to data sources in just a few clicks.
  • How to drag and drop pre-built components into your logic and workflows and configure them for connectivity to enterprise software, SaaS, databases, public web services, and more.
  • Consume and expose REST APIs and SOAP web services visually and rapidly.
  • Use a special tool to build and integrate machine learning models into your applications.

You’ll also see a demo of some of our latest and greatest integration features.


Forsyth Alexander

Forsyth Alexander
Senior Product Evangelist

Mike Josephson

Mike Josephson
Senior Solution Architect