Fernando Moitinho

Data and Integrations Product Manager

Over the course of my 16-year career, I’ve worked for several startup companies, leading development teams delivering great products that yet had to prove market fit. In Jun 2014, I took on the Technical Lead role at OutSystems to help Professional Services to be able to cope with customer demand to deliver OutSystems applications. Throughout the 3 years I was in the professional services organization I was able to deliver several mission-critical applications to different customers, in various industries and regions. For the last 4 years, I’ve been in the product organization, leading the Integrations, Architecture and Governance product area, responsible for several platform essential capabilities, like REST, SOAP, SAP, and Integration Builder, Architecture Dashboard, platform architecture best practices, service actions, end-user authentication (Active Directory, LDAP, SAML), IT Users authentication (Basic, SAML, OpenID Connect), and the governance part including Lifetime Teams and end-user roles. Since joining OutSystems, the most rewarding part has been to know that my contribution throughout the various roles and organizations I was assigned to, has somehow contributed to the success of the company as a whole. Since I can remember I’m passionate about technology and understanding how things work, and so naturally my whole professional life gravitates around the eagerness to know more, to understand customers' problems/pains, and come up with solutions that make people happy and as consequence organizations successful. If you’re looking for someone to talk to about Integrations, architecture, and governance in general or OutSystems in particular, reach out on Twitter @friwords or via email: fernando.moitinho@outsystems.com.