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João Paulo Carvalho

Front-End and Mobile Expert

I joined OutSystems in 2016 as a junior developer. It was my first job in this field, and it allowed me to work on numerous projects, from traditional and mobile development to reactive across different versions of the platform. I quickly took an interest in front-end development, and in late 2019, I had the opportunity to join the Front-End & Mobile Experts team at OutSystems. Since then, I've delivered many services, such as Live Style Guides, Workshops/Bootcamps, and Custom Services that required a front-end developer and mobile assessments. I also took part in a few talks and webinars, such as: "OSDC: From Old Tradition to New Ignition," "Front-End Tools and Processes," and "From Design to Implementation: Front-End Development Best Practices." At the end of the day, our job is to create patterns and styles based on branding guidelines while helping developers accelerate their work. It's also our job to support projects in need of a feature that not only looks good but that makes the user's experience effortless. But helping others to integrate the front-end with the platform is the most important part of our job. In my free time, I love a nice motorcycle ride, especially in the company of my friends. In addition to that, even though I don't have much success as a handyman, I like to be creative, from drawing and playing instruments to building things and learning new things. I also like video games (playing and creating), series, and movies, just like any other "geek."