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Crown Agents Bank Delivers Three Portals in Six Months

Innovation Awards
Winner 2021
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Crown Agents Bank engaged Deloitte and OutSystems to improve efficiency, controls, and customer experience. The team delivered over 50 new processes and three portals in six months, providing a capacity for scalable growth and improved experiences for customers and employees.

  • Business Process Management
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Transformation
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Web Apps & Portals

In Search of Faster Digital Transformation

Crown Agents Bank is the financial services partner of choice for many governments, development organizations, and regulated financial services businesses.

“By using OutSystems alongside robotic process automation, we’ve greatly increased our operational capacity, enabling rapid growth for our payments and FX business. Plus, we can focus more time on what makes a difference—serving clients and managing risk."

David Parker CIO at Crown Agents Bank

The bank partnered with Deloitte and OutSystems in 2020 as part of a wide-ranging digital transformation. It wanted to:

  • Re-engineer, digitize, and where appropriate, add automation to business processes
  • Improve the efficiency and customer experience for client onboarding
  • Improve operational efficiency and controls needed for scalable growth
  • Improve auditability and reduce operational risk.
Why Crown Agents Bank chose OutSystems:
  • fast app development iconSpeed-up development and improve agility
  • web and mobile apps iconDeliver web and mobile applications
  • continuous delivery iconEnable continuous delivery

Six Months to Digitize 50 Processes and Launch Three Portals

In the space of six months, Crown Agents Bank digitized more than 50 new processes while implementing three new portals:

  • An Operations Portal including more than 20 different workflows
  • A Customer Portal for direct interactions with its customers
  • An Admin Portal that provides access management capabilities for employees and clients

These new solutions provide the bank with the speed-to-market and enterprise-strength security, scalability, and performance it needed—without hiring additional internal developers.


Streamlined and Standardized Processes with Self-service Convenience

The bank can now standardize, streamline, and automate complex workflows using the case management workflows in OutSystems. And it can segregate user access based on permissions—all in a completely secure and scalable way.

It has also improved processes, with a digital audit of all tasks, actions, and approvals. Moreover, the bank has significantly reduced revenue leakage through automated invoice generation and charging processes.

The bank’s customers also benefit, with self-service portals delivering seamless interactions and secure access to statements and invoices.

Additionally, improved efficiency and enhanced user experience have positively impacted employee morale, with many tasks made easier so that employees can provide a superior service to customers.