1. AI in OutSystems

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) in corporate operations has transformed and revolutionized processes through functionalities like document extraction and computer vision. Nevertheless, organizations often encounter significant hurdles when it comes to implementing and harnessing the power of AI.

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AI challenges

Artificial intelligence challenges range from the scarcity of skilled data scientists to the integration of diverse data sources. Additionally, incorporating AI into existing workflows necessitates modifications to underlying software infrastructure. Typically, this results in a backlog for the IT team, with resolution times stretching over the course of years. This bottleneck poses a barrier to the successful implementation of AI initiatives.

How OutSystems AI helps overcome hurdles

The OutSystems platform and its AI capabilities offer you a lifeline - a comprehensive solution covering two major areas:

  • AI for software development - where artificial intelligence serves as a powerful tool to enhance and expedite software development processes. It acts as both a catalyst, boosting the speed of development, and an authoritative validator, ensuring precision in maintaining and upholding quality standards.
  • AI in applications - where the platform empowers businesses to incorporate AI into their operations. This enables a wide range of applications, from leveraging natural language inputs and chatbots for common use cases, to establishing new processes and enhancing existing ones, such as support automation or computer vision.

OutSystems has been helping customers navigate these types of challenges since embracing AI as an accelerator of software development in early 2018. Back then, we decided to invest heavily in creating the industry leading AI research and development group. We did this when AI in code was just a vision. And during this time, we have been integrating AI throughout the whole platform and the whole software development lifecycle to help and mentor developers, tech leads, and architects to create better software faster and with higher quality.

OutSystems, by its very nature, functions as a central hub for multiple data sources. It facilitates seamless connectivity to a wide array of AI systems and state-of-the-art AI models. What sets OutSystems apart is its flagship advantage of quick app development, empowering organizations to drastically reduce the time required for software iterations. This level of agility is paramount for effectively navigating AI-powered transformations.

OutSystems serves as an ideal platform for AI-driven digital transformation projects because it can equip customers with robust AI capabilities. For instance, the Chatbot Builder tool empowers users to create unique and personalized customer interactions. Additionally, the Language Analysis Pack enables automation of text and speech processes.

For organizations already advanced in their artificial intelligence transformation journey, OutSystems seamlessly integrates with third-party AI platforms. The OutSystems Forge repository boasts an extensive collection of connectors and components designed specifically for AI capabilities. This includes connectors for machine learning services provided by industry leaders such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Dialogue Flow.

ai for augmented development

AI-assisted development has emerged as a valuable solution to the tech talent shortage. With the assistance of AI, developers can shift their focus to higher-level tasks that demand creativity and critical thinking. Rather than spending time on mundane code generation, testing, and debugging, AI algorithms can handle these repetitive tasks efficiently. This not only saves time but also allows developers to channel their energy into solving complex problems and creating solutions.

Moreover, AI-assisted development offers insights and recommendations during the development process. Using models that analyze vast amounts of data and patterns, AI algorithms provide developers with suggestions, enabling them to take the best possible next steps. This saves time and significantly enhances the problem-solving capabilities of developers, leading to more effective and efficient outcomes.

By maximizing the efficiency and capabilities of existing development teams, AI helps organizations overcome the challenge of relying solely on scarce talent. By leveraging AI-powered tools and platforms to amplify productivity, organizations can meet their software development demands and deliver quality solutions in shorter timeframes.